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After years of salon experience, David and Marilyn decided to venture out on their own and open INdustry Hair in St. Catharines. Placing top-10 in North America as well as top-5 in Canada for hair photographic competitions, both have won awards in Ontario and Quebec for hairstyling, men’s and women’s cutting, colouring and updos. These awards include 3 Canadian Hairdresser of the Year awards. David is also one of 16 people worldwide to have received Goldwell Colour Master status and has been featured in Salon Magazine.

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Meet David and Marilyn

David Vendittelli


As one of only 16 people (2014) worldwide to receive GOLDWELL colour masters status, David has won many provincial competitions in Ontario and Canada wide for women’s styling, cutting and colouring. David’s most recent accomplishments include an amazing performance at the 2016 Contessa Awards, where he finished as:

  • 2017 Silver Medalist at Goldwell Colour Zoom
  • Semi-Finalist in Canadian Colourist of the Year 2017
  • Semi-Finalist in Canadian Colourist of the Year 2016
  • Finalist and Fan Favourite of the Year 2016
  • Canadian Champion of New Hairstylists of the Year 2016
  • Work has been published in magazines Canada, Europe, USA and Asia

David’s most recent accomplishment was placing top 20, Canada-wide, as a semifinalist at the Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards (Contessa’s) in 2017.

Marilyn Vendittelli


Marilyn is an award-winning hairstylist in both provincial and national competitions, winning awards for women’s hair cutting, styling and colour, as well as men’s hair cutting and bridal up-dos. Marilyn is also an educator at Niagara College, teaching cosmetology to the upcoming generation of stylists. Her most recent accomplishments include 2 awards at the 2016 Contessa Awards:

  • Top 8 Canadian Colour Zoom Challenge 2017
  • Finalist in Canadian Session Stylist of the Year 2017
  • BTC One Shot Awards: Top 15 Haircut of the Year (Out of 130,000 Entries)
  • Canadian Champion Fan Favourite of the Year 2016
  • Canadian Champion of Session Stylist of the Year 2016
  • Work has been published in magazines Canada, Europe, USA and Asia

Marilyn’s most recent accomplishment was placing top 5, Canada-wide, as a finalist for Session Stylist of the Year at the Contessa Awards.

Meet samantha, Leanna and heidi

Samantha Dixon


Meet Samantha, one of INdustry Hair’s newest additions! Samantha excels in all aspects of hair, whether it is a haircut, a fabulous blow out or a creative colour. She uses her knowledge from the many advanced education courses she has attended to make your visions become reality. Samantha has entered photographic competitions and assisted on stage and behind the scenes at hair shows with some of the world’s leading artists. Samantha graduated from Niagara College Cosmetology (with Marilyn as one of her educators!) where she was awarded scholarships for academic excellence and for her involvement in the community. She was also nominated by the faculty of Niagara College for the Leadership award! Did we mention she graduated with honours?! She continues to further her techniques and is being mentored by David and Marilyn on a daily basis. While continuing her studies at Goldwell Colour Academy, Samantha has recently competed and placed top 10, for all of Ontario, in the Allied Beauty Association bridal updo!



Meet Leanna, one of INdustry Hair's newest additions! Leanna is a recent graduate of Niagara College, where she had Marilyn as one of her educators. Whether you are looking for a simple trim or a new look entirely, Leanna has the skills and techniques to make it happen. She loves all things creative, especially when it comes to colours, so if you're looking to try something different, she's your girl! Leanna was also chosen by the hairstyling faculty for the Niagara College Faculty Award. This award is given to the one student who stood out among the others as being the most hardworking and motivated throughout the year. She also received scholarships and graduated with honors. Continuing education and skills development are very important to Leanna. She is always up for learning new techniques and taking extra classes to better herself and to take her skills to the next level. Finally, Leanna loves competition and has entered many photographic hair competitions with plans to compete at the Allied Beauty Association in the future.



Say hello to Heidi! Heidi is an honour roll graduate of the Hairstyling Program at Niagara College, where she was taught by Marilyn. Her passion for the beauty industry began behind the scenes in fashion shows, stage productions, and also with many famous artists, such as Ringo Starr, Smokey Robinson, and Teri Hatcher. She's excited to be competing in the upcoming competition for Goldwell's Colour Zoom 2018 and has plans for entering the ABAs next year! Heidi is very driven and has just completed her foundation's course at The Goldwell Academy. Heidi loves learning new techniques and plans to attend as many classes and shows as she can each year. She is looking forward to seeing you and using her creative skills and knowledge to make you look and feel good.

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Contessa Awards

The Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards – the Contessas – are the gold standard in Canadian beauty awards with the longest-running track record of excellence. Since 1988, each year the Contessas bring the best of Canada’s talent together to measure their creativity in a photo-based competition. The Contessas are open to all licensed beauty professionals, from coast-to-coast. Winning a Contessa is not only good for your portfolio and reputation – it’s great for business and opening doors!

How Are the Winners Chosen?

Two prestigious panels of independent experts are responsible for assessing the entrants. Judging for the photo-based awards is performed blindly with the identities of the entrants remaining anonymous. The first round is live judging, with judges selected from within the Canadian professional beauty industry. The second round is completely online, and judges are international experts in hair and beauty. In the past, this panel has included beauty editors, photographers and celebrity hairstylists.

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